Our Services

Who We Work With

Our program is designed to help rising leaders build trust and influence through authenticity. Leaders matter. Distrust of institutions is at all-time highs. To achieve progressive change, we need leaders who can build confidence and trust by leading with clarity and purpose.

Maybe you’re a labor leader who wants to supercharge your union to take the fight to the boss. Maybe you’re an elected leader (or aspiring to office) who wants to mobilize your community for change. Maybe you’re the executive director of an advocacy organization that needs to grow to reach its next big goal. Our program is focused on building leaders and teams that have the skills to start the fire they need to win.

What We Do

Our services are available a la carte, or in our comprehensive Firestarter Camp.


We have to start from where you are today. We offer assessments of media, digital and campaign programs to determine where you’re creating sparks and where you’re leaving people in the dark.


Our trainings are designed to build your confidence and capacity for storytelling so you can light a torch that people want to follow. We offer trainings in story development, digital storytelling and advocacy, media engagement and public speaking.


Need an experienced partner to help you craft effective messaging campaigns? We help leaders build effective plans to deliver your story and expand your influence–from the slow work of building an audience to the recognizing the rapid-response opportunities when a spark can turn into a blaze.


From media appearances to Twitter clapbacks, we help you and your team deliver your message across media, including email, social, digital advertising, SMS and earned media.


What happens when you run into an unexpected opportunity or a new challenge after the training? Leaders need a trusted coach to help learn from what you’ve already done and build skills and confidence over time.

Firestarter Camp

Firestarter Camp is designed to help you and your team build skills through an iterative practice and coaching. This program is ideal for a leader and a core team. It incorporates the full scope of our services—assessment, training, strategy, implementation and coaching—through a three, six or twelve month program designed to help you and your team learn and grow through a structured program over time.